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Welcome to the Otte Foods experience, a price-conscious foray into the world of premium bulk & wholesale natural health foods that truly defines what it means to “buy all-natural products,” “save money” and “be happy.” It is our belief that eating natural foods and using natural products shouldn’t be a luxury only for the economically well-endowed, and as such we provide avenues for customers to get the most for their dollar.

As a hard-working, middle-class husband and wifeAs a hard-working, middle-class husband and wife natural food wholesalers business team that’s trying to make this somewhat tumultuous world we currently find ourselves in a better place, we understand that it’s all about what we put in our bodies that truly makes the difference in how we feel. To this end, our mission is straightforward: Help others eat healthier so they too can feel like a million bucks, every day.
Our company motto says it all: “Bring natural back,” and we’re doing that in a plethora of ways including providing access to bulk natural products and wholesale natural products with less fillers and fewer chemicals (and which boast more goodness from Mother Nature herself), creating great bulk health foods online experiences for our customers amidst a greed-free environment, introducing awesome flavors and a whole lot more.
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As a sector that has become very popular over the past few years,As a sector that has become very popular over the past few years, our Gluten-Free selections encompass everything from delicious apple and ginger seed bars to grass-fed vanilla bean ghee butter – and everything you can imagine in-between. Likewise for our GMO-Free product lineup, which includes ghee oils, chocolate sunflower seed butter, Cuban black beans, ready-to-eat Trini chickpea curry and much more from your go-to natural food wholesalers.
These are just samples of what you’ll find once you begin exploring our multitude of delicious shop by diet items, all specifically prepared to keep you on track while you discover new and trending foods – and enjoy savings on some of your favorite products. Believe us when we say bulk health foods online have never been like this.
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Here’s something you can be sure of when you choose to buy from Otte Foods:Here’s something you can be sure of when you choose to buy from Otte Foods: Our team members don’t just sell products, they actually use them in their own homes, with their own families. In fact, we’re so sure of the products we offer, some of us have come up with delicious and nutritious recipes utilizing ingredients from some of these items…recipes we are proud to be able to share with you.
For a closer look at what these scrumptious treats entail, click on the descriptions below.
When it comes to bulk health foods online, no one does it like Otte Foods.
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The Otte Foods mission is simple — we want you to save money, stay all natural, and be happy. All while providing great customer service.

—Dave Otte