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How To Stay Healthy This Winter

When you want to stay healthy during the winter, sometimes a few natural supplements may help. Years ago, when I was much younger, my parents bought tickets for my siblings and me to go to the Nutcracker Ballet with them.  I was SO excited about it!  Early in the morning of the performance, I started […]

How To Stick To Your Goals in 2019

Happy New Year!  We hope your holidays are going well and that you’re transitioning into a happy, healthy and prosperous new year. During the new year celebrations, it’s helpful to take stock of the previous year so you can evaluate how things went and think about whether or not you should make changes for the […]

39 Whole30 Instant Pot Recipes

  Having an Instant Pot can help to make your time in the kitchen SO much more efficient!   If you’re looking for more Whole30 Instant Pot recipes to add to your arsenal, we’ve found some of the most delicious, varied recipes on the Internet so we can share them with you.         […]

Natural Ways to Have Better Focus

How To Naturally Increase Your Focus With many of us being in the midst of the Holidays and everything that needs to be done, it can be difficult to focus on important tasks (ask me how I know!)  While we can keep things simple and stay organized when we have multiple things to do, focus […]

Healthy Holiday Gift Buying Guide 2018

  When you want to get the very best and healthiest gifts for others, or if you’re doing some Holiday shopping for some of your favorite health-conscious family and friends, we’ve got you covered.  To make things more simple and easier for you this Holiday season, we have some gift ideas for you.  Plus, at […]

How to Practice Natural Dental Hygiene

In our previous article, Healthier Halloween Fun, we wrote about how to eat healthier treats and how to handle all the candy that’s so abundant.  In this article, we will focus more on optimal dental health and how you can have healthier teeth. In our previous article, we also wrote about the Candy Fairy tradition […]

Ideas for Healthier Halloween Fun

Halloween is sometimes referred to as the season that begins all the “Holiday Feasts” that typically last from sometime in October through December.  Then, all of this feasting and treat-eating comes to a stop on January 1st, when we uphold our New Year’s resolutions to be and eat healthier.  This happened to me!  I started […]

30 Fall Paleo and Whole30 Recipes

We finally have cooler weather in Colorado that should stay with us for awhile…until the cold, snowy weather hits.    The leaves are changing colors and coming down in droves.  The urge to walk through the crunchy leaves is strong!   The urge to relax on the front porch with a cup of tea is equally […]