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Our Selection of Premium CBD Products

Cannabidiol is being touted as a magic elixir, a quasi-cure-all now available in everything from bath bombs to dog treats and even pharmaceuticals. And while some think of these products as more of a fix for the anxious times we seem to be living in, there’s no denying the benefits many of these items are bringing to those suffering from various chronic ailments.

That’s where Otte Foods comes in, offering a range of related products – from CBD gummies for pain to CBD skin care cream – designed to reflect the explosive popularity of legalized industrial hemp and medical/recreational cannabis ever since the passage of the US Farm Bill in 2018. The only thing spreading faster than CBD appears to be the confusion surrounding exactly what it is and who it’s designed for, so whether you’re already a user or are just a bit “CBD-curious,” we’re going to cut through the white noise of misinformation and get you up to speed.

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